First-Hand Translations

Professional Translations from English and French into German

Language connects us. It signifies communication and without a form of language – whether verbal or non verbal – common understanding would be impossible. It can also create a barrier when it is not understood. My task as a translator is to create an active connection – a connection between you and your German-speaking customer, the addressees of your business letters, the readers of your written material or the recipients of your products and communication.

Would you like to expand your customer base and reach more people with your ideas, products or services? The translation of your website and marketing materials is an important step on the way towards entry in the German market. A good translation allows you to directly address customers from other cultures, using the words that best describe you. It will also help you attract an international audience and show that approaching foreign target groups is important to you. Gain a competitive advantage with an individual and tailored translation that directly addresses and wins over your customers, and enables clear and smooth communication with your target group. Stand out in your international communication with your use of language!

Customised translations

In the globalised world that we live in today, reaching out to people in their own language is becoming more and more important. A good translation does not only convey the content of your words, but also the formulation and style. In order to achieve this, the perfect command of the target language and sound knowledge of customs and practices as well as the political, cultural and economic development of the target culture are necessary. Even the subtlest nuances in the target language should be understood to ensure that the translation reflects exactly what was intended in the source text. Texts often include information that is self-explanatory for the original readers, but unknown to the German readers. It is therefore important to insert explanations in the text or alter the text slightly according to agreement. Even the style of a text potentially needs to be adapted. For example, in English it is common to address the target audience of a text in a less formal manner than in German, which could be unsuitable for a German audience. I adhere to the native speaker principle and only translate into German to make sure that your texts do not lose their effectiveness and you receive the best translation possible. As a native German speaker, I am familiar with the target audience of your texts and find the right formulation – even for puns – so that the translation is in no way inferior to the source text.

Your ideas, now in German

It is often difficult to find an equivalent for puns, humour, slogans and expressions in another language. For this reason, marketing texts and advertising materials in particular usually require more work than a simple translation to make sure that your marketing is also effective in German. I adapt your texts so that they are not only understood by your German target audience, but also well received.

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