The price of a translation depends on several factors:
  • What language and which area of specialisation does it involve?
  • How long is the source text (number of words)?
  • How complex and specialised is the text, how much research and what specialist knowledge is required?
  • Is creative translation required, e.g. translation of advertising slogans?
  • What is the file format?
  • Does the source text need to be edited because it includes, for example, tables or images from which the text needs to be extracted?
  • How urgent is the translation? Would you like the translation at short notice, which would require it to be completed overnight or at the weekend?
  • Are there any other client requests in addition to the translation?
Every translation is different and, as a result, I can only prepare you a quote once I have seen the text. Depending on the translation, my basic rate is 0.14 to 0.22 EUR per word, and I would also be happy to submit a flat-rate fee at request. Please send me your text as a file attachment in an email and I will prepare a quote for you right away. Do you have any more questions? Then please get in touch! I am gladly at your disposal.